Goldquest – Gas Powered Impact Mill


Goldquest – Gas Powered Impact Mill

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Our new Goldquest 1400G impact mill has been in development for over a year and it has been designed with features we liked, from feet that can be bolted down in place, to the octagon shape for better breaking capacity. We added breaker bars to make it even more effective and with the power of forged clevis hooks for hammers, we think it is a winner!
Using a 3/4 inch keyed shaft with a direct drive coupler you don’t have to worry about belts coming loose or wearing and breaking. With te use of several collars everything stays where it’s supposed to.
Forged clevis hooks are the easiest to change out if needed. The forged clevis hooks give the ore an extra solid punch instead of chains. It’s easy to open the door! NO tools required. 6 hand-tightened thumbscrews and a lever opens the mill up in no time for cleaning or maintenance and also keeps the 10 gage door tight against the hard neoprene rubber door seal. We also added a back plate to the rear to protect the bolt heads from wearing off.
Our dual grizzly bar output is very functional and highly customizable! The screen floats between the pair of grizzly bars letting the screen vibrate to increase output flow. It’s only a matter of loosening up the two nuts to change screens to a coarser or finer screen, double up the screens, or no screen at all. Being at 2-7/8 x 4 inch it’s a large port.
The optional grizzly rock ports is used in the Goldquest 1400 to produce on average 1/2 inch rock pieces and 1 inch rock pieces, ideal for when you have bucket loads, or tons of stone to break up for tumbling and polishing, or landscaping and gardening operations.
Our Optional hitch mount fits both the Goldquest 1400G AND the Crazycrusher! If you already own this hitch mount, you can use it for the Goldquest 1400G as well, just use longer bolts. Mill includes eye and ear protection, gloves, paper filter mask, instructions, allen wrenches, Loc-Tite Blue, mounting hardware ( if purchasing the optional hitch mount).

NOTICE: This item can be built upon order. Ships in 2 to 3 weeks. 25 percent down and balance prior to shipping. Free shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 states. Aprox 130+ lbs. shipping. Foreign orders shipped for free to any freight forwarder of your choice in the lower 48 states.

*All-welded steel
*Feet with mounting holes
*Pre-drilled holes for mounting to optional hitch mount (same as with the Crazycrusher).
*Forged Clevis Hooks for that added hard punch
*Easily adaptable for chains if needed.
*Can easily break up clays and caliche when running values.
*Customizable output: Our removable dual grizzly output makes it possible to run any mesh of screen, double screen, or no screen, depending on how fine or coarse you need to process your ores. Screen “floats” between grizzly bars giving faster output of crushed materials.
*No tools needed to open and clean or to service
*Direct drive with solid coupler, no belts or pulleys to mess with.
*7 HP gas engine runs at up to 3500 rpm. (3600rpm with ELECTRIC MOTOR version.
*3/4” keyed drive shaft. (5/8″ shaft on ELECTRIC version.
*Backplate to prevent wear on the bolt heads inside the unit.
*7 breaker bars to speed up the process of shattering rock.
*Hard 1/8” Neoprene door seal for a long lasting seal.
*Feed Door has Neoprene rubber seal to help with dust.

*Price includes shipping within the Lower 48 States. Contact us for discount shipping to Alaska, Hawaii or Canada.
*Optional hitch mount.
*Optional grizzly rock ports.
*Detatchable Feed tray and vacuum port included with either Gas or Electric mills. Perfect for those who need to reduce large rock in to smaller rock without having it “ground down to powder”, such as breaking large amounts of agate for smaller stones for polishing, or for breaking 3” rock down to ½ inch or 1 inch on average for landscaping, garden shops and greenhouses, etc.

*Side walls: ¼ inch steel.
*Door and back plate: 10 gage steel.
*Net weight: 102 lbs (with engine. 111lbs with optionial hitch mount)
*Mill Size: 14 “ (side to side) octagon at 4” depth.
*Overall Net Dimensions: L=24″, W=17″, H=25-1/2″ (with Engine).
*Feed Size: 3 inch square tubing.
*Discharge type: Dual Grizzly with floating screen.
*Discharge port size: 2-3/4” x 4”. (without grizzly bars in place)
*Average Capacity: Average 500 lb per hour, (depending on hardness and rock size).
*Average Output size: 30 to 50 mesh with stock screen. (User can put in any sized screen they desire.)
*Breaker bars: 7 each
*Hammer type: Forged Clevis Hooks (2 each) Quick change.
(Can also use chain if desired for different matrix)


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