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The EASY PAN gold pan is the latest technology in a gold pan. We got these into the shop and the crew whined not another gold pan, why, what for and then we started trying it out. WERE we shocked, a pan with less than a couple of minutes learning time. Get started with a totally new way to pan. Fill the pan, submerge the pan, shake the pan under water and tilt the pan while shaking. We shed 90 percent of the waste material in less than a couple of minutes while learning. We are up to less than a minute now. The concentrates and most important THE GOLD is dropped out of the material because of the wide bottom and then forced into the inverted side of the pan.Once the light material is panned out, the black sand is ready to move around the pan and pan on the sloped side to get to the gold.We were SKEPTICS at the start to say the least. We panned all material in the tub and found no gold in the waste material. The fine gold and concentrates stayed in the pan. We are starting to get calls from the people who bought one and they can’t believe the results they are getting. The kids around here, who are usually bored in 10 seconds are coming up and trying it out and it keeps there interest it is so easy and fast. The women who don’t normally enjoy panning have even gave it a try and are picking one up for themselves. Keep an open mind about the design and try one of these pans out you will be as shocked and pleased as we were. THE EASY PAN really works!

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