Gold Owl Mat Profile # 1

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Gold Owl Mat Profile # 1

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6″ x 36″ Fully customizable, these mats can be configured any way you want them. From low profiles for fine gold to aggressive mats with riffles for course gold, you have every option. Each mat is double sided, two for the price of one. They can be turned over in seconds if you need to use the opposite profile. 2 different mats, for 4 profiles are available. Limitless possibilities Add our optional slide in rubber riffle in seconds too, or remove it just as quicky Custom make any riffle design you like and simply attach it using the T Slot in the mat connector. Add or remove riffles right at the river, once again in a few seconds. The mats simple lock togther using the included aluminum connector. Change them around in minutes, no tape, no glue. Assemble our mats to suit the gold you are sluicing. Adapt quickly and easily to any gold mining situation.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

2 reviews for Gold Owl Mat Profile # 1

  1. JC

    Damn! I thought I would switch from Gold Hog mats to Gold Owl mats but not at these prices.

    • Bill Brewer

      Sorry about that. They come from Canada. Not much that I can do about the price.

  2. Jason

    If I order the mat how long is the aluminum part to connect them and do u get the aluminum rifles as well

    • Bill Brewer

      Jason, My shop was broken into last week so I have been behind. The aluminum bars are 36″. I do not have any of the metal riffles. The rubber riffles slide into the metal bar, they have a slot that they slide into. The riffles are ordered separately.

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