Proline Mining – 3″ Dredge w/ T-80 Compressor

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Proline Mining – 3″ Dredge w/ T-80 Compressor

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When we originally designed the Proline 3″ dredge, we set out to build a machine that we felt addressed most of the problems associated with this dredge size.

Before its arrival most 3″ dredges were essentially the same size as their 4″counterparts because they used the same pontoons, frame, pump, etc. This dredge was designed to be smaller and lighter than our 4″ dredge, without sacrificing strength or stability. It sits on its own frame with pontoons that were matched to its size and weight. Another unique feature of this dredge is the pump. To this day, the HP300 is the only pump on the market designed specifically for 3″ dredges. There is no reason to pay for a big, heavy pump, when the idea is to keep the size and weight down in the first place.

This is the smallest dredge that we offer with our well known “sure-flow” hose coupler system. This tried and true design essentially eliminates all surface rock jams, while making it far easier to attach the dredge hose to the power jet.

In a time when some companies are now building flimsy, unstable dredges to cut manufacturing costs, and calling their creations “mini” this or “ultra” that, Proline continues to build a true 3″ dredge to provide years of trouble-free service with unmatched performance.

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Weight 900 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 60 in

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  1. Joey Parker

    Very easy to use. It is a gas sipper as well. It will catch pin head sized gold and larger. Clean outs are a snap and only take about 15 minutes to complete. I would most definitely reccommend this produce to a friend. And customer service was great.

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