Royal 50″ Self-locking Backpacking Stream Sluice

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Royal 50″ Self-locking Backpacking Stream Sluice

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Self locking backpacking stream Sluice Box that will fold from 50″ to 15″ for easy transportation and storage. Supplied with Easy, How To Use written instructions and DVD included. Specifications: Width 9″ x 50″ long Weighs 7.3 Lbs. Nylon Carrying Strap Constructed of 0.063 aluminum
*Also available, break down stand that includes four independent legs and 12-volt power pump header kit to turn this sluice box into a recirculator/high banker combo.

Key Features:
  • .063″ Aluminum Body
  • 18 ga. Steel Riffles
  • 13 ga. Expanded Metal
  • 50″ L X 9″ W
  • Ribbed Black Rubber Matting for easy Gold ID
  • Nylon Carry Strap for easy Transport
  • Zinc Plated Riffles (Gold Coloring)
  • Total weight 7.3 lbs!

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 6 in


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