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"MAD MAX" Gold Clean-up Table - Without Tote


“MAD MAX” Gold Clean-up Table – Without Tote

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"MAD MAX" Gold Clean-up Table - Without Tote

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Save Money on Unit and shipping by buying it without the tote or cons catcher. The Tote is a 17 gallon tote. It can be bought from Home Depot or Lowes approx. $9. Just place the Table onto the tote and mark and drill the holes for the bolts to fit in. The Cons catcher can be bought at the a Dollar store or Walmart.
The new “MAD MAX” Gold Clean-up Table has everything that you need to separate the fine gold in your concentrates. The surface is 13″ x 16″ with a Green covering for easier ability of seeing the gold. Once the unit is set up add your concentrates, a squirt of “Jet Dry” (included) and brush the gold into the attached vial. Comes with a 110v pump. Operates best when the concentrates are classified to a 12 to 20 mesh.
Included: Table, pump, hose, vials, “Jet Dry”, brush, spoon and easily replaced filtering pads.
Simple to use! Easy to store! (TOTE AND CONS CATCHER NOT INCLUDED)

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 14 × 7 in


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